Hello, we are CaterCo

Catering Redefined.

CaterCo is Neo Group’s latest catering concept. But don’t get us wrong. We’re not your usual caterer. We’re a multifaceted, integrated food and events concierge. We combine the best of what Neo Group has to offer - F&B expertise, hospitality services and events management - and we’re here to redefine your catering experience.

Elevate your dining experience

At CaterCo, we see dining as a complete experience. Even when we’re eating out of our lunch boxes. To us, the difference between a good meal and a great one lies in the detail. And we’re all about the details. From specially crafted cuisines to thoughtfully designed packaging; from spectacular buffet setups to immersive events - with us, you can always expect the unexpected. Catering will never be the same again.

Your food is our business

Catering doesn’t have to be a one-off. Whether you’re looking to provide daily meals for your work fams, or for someone to turn your pantry into an enviable mini restaurant, we have the resources to manage them for you. Let us be your in-house chef. And we’ll fuel your hardworking co-workers as they power your company.

Six Core Pillars



When it comes to good food and lavish events, you know you’re in good company when you’re with us!


We elevate your dining experience with innovative menus and imaginative setups. With us, you can always expect the unexpected. Catering will never be the same again.


We translate your brand stories into immersive, multisensory experiences for all your guests by working with you to create bespoke events, from concept to execution.


From daily meals to catered lunch, from fuss-free buffets to elaborate events - we have the resources for everything you need to be your perfect one-stop partner in food.


We’re a collective with our partners who share our passion in bringing new ideas to life as we work towards a common goal of delivering extraordinary experiences for you and your guests.


We see ourselves as a conduit that can connect our partners, suppliers and customers in overlapping industries together so we can build on each other’s capabilities to enable a stronger growth for all of us.